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The United Way of South Sarasota County mobilizes community power to break the cycle of poverty. Suncoast Humane Society is partnering with Sheltering Prevention and Community Outreach, which provides shelter, veterinary care and other services for homeless dogs and cats in Englewood, Florida.

Current Ringling and FSU employees can apply online or by phone at 1-888-762-4357 for a full-time interview. To learn more about the full range of services offered, including paid time off and paid holidays, please visit our website for more information. Benefits Ringlings provides full-time include health insurance, 401 (k), retirement, disability, sick leave, vacation and sick pay. We provide a variety of health care, retirement and other benefits to our employees in the United States and internationally.

Interested parties can apply online or by telephone at 1-888-762-4357 for a full-time interview or apply via HumanResources mote. Interested parties can also apply in person at the Ringling Center for Human Resources office in Sarasota, Florida, or via the Mote Career Center on the campus of Florida State University (FSU) in Gainesville, Florida, or by e-mail to the Human Resources Department. Interested parties must apply locally or online at one of the three Ringlings locations in Florida or at the University of South Florida (SFSU) or submit via the HumanResource mOTE.

Alternatively, a single package with the desired elements can be sent to the splinter group via the HumanResource Career Center on the campus of Florida State University (FSU) in Gainesville, Florida, or by e-mail to the Human Resources Department. Alternatively, individual packets with all requesting elements can be sent to a mOTE.

If you do not have access to a computer or internet and would like to request adequate accommodation, please call 941 - 359 - 5700 ext. If you have any questions about the application process or have difficulties with the online system and need to apply using a different method, please contact us directly or Ringling Human Resources. If you need accommodation during the application and interview process, you can send an email to Ringling's Human Resources or call us at (9 41) 359-5700. For technical assistance questions regarding our application processes, please call us at (888) 942-488-5555 or (800) 842-5555. To find reasonable accommodation before applying, you can call us or send us an e-mail or send us an e-mail.

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Tiny Dancer, Inc. is responsible for all restaurant employment matters, including payroll, accounting, financial management, human resources, marketing, sales and customer service. If you are applying for this position, please understand that you are applying for a job at one of the restaurants owned and operated by Tiny Dancers, Inc. In addition to your full-time duties, you also provide high administrative and operational support by making phone calls and acting as an assistant to the CEO.

The retail employee will perform a number of functions in all areas of the business, depending on the needs of the company. The owner may be required to perform other tasks - related tasks outside those specifically described in the job description, such as customer service, inventory management and other administrative tasks required by the business requirements of the business. A retail employee will be entrusted with these tasks during the working hours allocated to him.

You must register to process your application and apply for other interesting positions. Qualified and interested applicants must send a complete application with the full job description and a copy of the application to [email protected] in a separate e-mail address.

If you are applying for a job at a franchisee - a restaurant - please understand that the information you provide will be passed on to Tiny Dancer, Inc., before the organization reaches out to you and evaluates your application. If you are hired for any of the jobs described in this job advertisement, franchisees are the employer and not McDonald's USA.

As a District Manager, you are responsible for the day-to-day operation of all Tiny Dancer, Inc. "s restaurants and are responsible for day-to-day customer and on-site operations, including customer service monitoring, relationship functions and prospecting. Human Resources Managers support you in all aspects of payroll accounting, including payroll, accounting, human resources, payroll and payroll control.

Her duties also include the maintenance of laboratories for acidifying the oceans, the maintenance of a dry chemistry laboratory, the monitoring and ordering of supplies and materials, the organization of all OA-related work, and cooperation with visiting scientists and coral breeding. They will work with partners and local managers to integrate the resilience of coral restoration, including but not limited to Key Largo, Key West, St. Lucie, Sarasota and Palm Beach counties.