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The Sarasota / Bradenton area restaurant scene has gained national attention in recent years with the opening of a number of chef-owned restaurants. With more and more high-profile openings each week, Sarasota and Manatee County welcome an extraordinary class of restaurants every day. Consistency is a must for a good restaurant, and Pho Cali must be the most consistent restaurant in Sarasotta. We have been scanning the countryside all year for new, better, fantastic and redo's to get the best out of what's on this list, especially in a place like Sarasoto / Manatese where the restaurant scene is constantly changing.

If you're longing for something different, something different from the usual, a Sarasota restaurant is guaranteed to fill you up.

This Sarasota restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and features the Cuban classic Ropa Vieja Cubanos. This is one of the best Italian SarasOTA restaurants because you can order an Italian classic with a modern touch. At Mediterraneo, it is an elegant place to enjoy for young and old.

If you can't forget the seafood at home, then this place, which is authentically Floridian, deserves a visit to get it all. The menu changes frequently, but there's nothing wrong with being left alone to cook golf-themed dishes like pompano or snapper.

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Indigenous is a restaurant focused on seasonal produce, seafood and sustainability and has been voted the best restaurant in Sarasota on several occasions. The restaurant ranges from dinner club style to fine dining, but it is one of the most famous - and perhaps worth a visit in the near future. SarasOTA Magazine, which recognizes unique, upscale restaurants as "Best New Restaurants," has voted for the best new restaurant.

The park's sixth place earned Cafe Cafe a spot in our list of the best new restaurants in Sarasota for the second year in a row. This tiki - motto: "All - you - can - eat restaurant and bar" in the heart of the city centre has established itself as one of our best SarasOTA restaurants. The food, drinks and live music every evening, as well as the atmosphere will make you want to visit again.

This dog friendly restaurant in Sarasota - Bradenton will surely please all dog lovers. We hope you will find this SarasOTA restaurant review as a great place for a wonderful dining experience and a visit with your dog. Here is a list of restaurants we consider good for your taste in Sarasotas luxury.

The Sarasota Farmers Market is open rain or shine and is located at the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in the heart of the city on Saturday afternoon. This is a great place to walk after spending time on the beach or on the way back from a long day of shopping. BOCA serves breakfast and can be visited on Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm and on Sunday from 12 pm to 4.30 pm.

Visit the Detwiler Market, which offers some of the best food and products in Sarasota. re in Sarasota for a long or short stay, what places do you want to find on your list of activities in Sarasota?

If you're looking for some sort of Sarasota gourmet experience, there are plenty of places to go if you feel like eating. If I have had bad experiences with you, you will find the restaurant rated here in selected SarasOTA restaurants. Columbia in Sarasota is also worth noting, and these restaurants are included in our Tampa and St. Augustine restaurant guides. Click here to read our guide to the best restaurants in Tampa, Tampa Bay and the Tampa - St. Augustine area.

If you're looking for an island state in Sarasota, check out Rodney's Jamaican Grill. The entrance fees are not like a fish stall, but the food and atmosphere are real Florida Beach style.

This unique Floribean restaurant serves a wide range of dishes including chicken, pork, beef, chicken and pork ribs. Next up is the next one, which offers some of the best seafood in Sarasota, from shrimp and crab to tuna, shrimp, crab and shrimp.

From the Palmetto, you can take a short road trip to the Sarasota area or settle into Ophelia's, located in the heart of downtown, just a few blocks from downtown. If you're lucky, the sitting area on the patio offers great views of downtown and the glass dining room, as well as some great views of Lake Okeechobee. While you are hanging out in Sarasotas, you can enjoy lunch, dinner or a night out in the city at one of these great restaurants.

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